C3 UnitedLife is one church, in two locations, Ewell & Sutton Central. We love our local communities and want to see the salvation of our boroughs.

We are a C3 church, part of a global movement of churches committed to healthy relationships and connection between ministers and churches. We are stronger together and also united with Jesus Christ in His vision to save the lost, make disciples and build His church. 

C3 Church movement

C3 Church was started by Pastor Phil & Chris Pringle who with a passion for Jesus and desire to see this world won for Christ arrived in Sydney in 1980 to start a church. With just 12 people attending an Easter service, Christian Centre Northside began (which became Christian CityChurch in Oxford Falls) and the C3 Church movement as we now know it was birthed. This church grew to over 400 in 4 years and soon began planting within Sydney and beyond to cities and countries outside of Australia.

'Now with over 400 churches in 64 countries we are rapidly moving towards the 2020 Vision of 1,000 churches, with an average membership of 500 people, planted by the year 2020. We have a united vision to build the church by connecting people to God, connecting people to people and also empowering people for effective, joyful service.'