Words In Season Series Reflections - by Ben Parsons


What a series we’ve been having just finished over these last two months! 
Our ‘Words in season’ series has seen 7 incredible speakers invited to seek God and share what He is speaking to them about our church in this season. 

We’ve had: Bruce Oliver, Simon McIntyre, John Kirkby, Lesley Marshall. Michael Conrathe, Chrissie Chapman and Paul Demetriades. What a calibre! Each one brought their own unique style, voice and message that they prepared just for us. 

During these 7 Sundays we’ve heard some amazing messages and seen God work in incredible ways, we’ve seen healings, people released from demonic oppression, people returning to Christ and people receiving Him for the first time! 
God is at work in C3 UnitedLife!

As I reflect on the messages we have heard, though none of the speakers knew what the others were saying, God seems to have woven a thread through each one. In different ways the Lord is speaking of moving ahead with purpose and conviction into the future He has for us!

No more 'monkey business', and no more 'going round the same mountain'. It’s time to 'dust off' and move God’s church forward through prayer, the gospel and His miracle working power; to truly see ourselves, our church and our community changed.

I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have, and in awe of what God has done here, however I hope you are even more excited about what He is going to do! We are shaping the future in Jesus name!

If you missed any of these messages, you can get them on podcast here.

- Ben Parsons