Very friendly Staff and a great atmosphere. Outdoor seating allows you to soak up the sun or simply enjoy some fresh air with your coffee and free Wi-Fi keeps you connected!
— a regular TazZa customer

At TazZa our core values are built around three main areas: community, experience and Jesus! We believe that we are called to make a difference in our community. We take time to interact with our customers and show them that they are valued. We want people to experience TazZa, this means we offer an excellent service, quality coffee and tasty food, to everyone who come through our doors. We know that God loves these people, has purpose for their lives and that they deserve the best! So we hope that people experience something different at TazZa, be it in conversation, in service, quality coffee or a prayer! We unashamedly follow Jesus and His teachings. We exist as a coffee shop because of Jesus and strive to reach others with His good news.